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Otsilindrovochny OS2-400 machine

Otsilindrovochny OS2-400 machine
  • Otsilindrovochny OS2-400 machine
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The Otsilindrovochny OS2-400 machine the Otsilindrovochny OS2-400 machine is used for production of the calibrated rounded log with a diameter varying ranging from 140 to 300 mm. The Otsilindrovochny OS2-400 machine concerns to group of universal machines. The OS2-400 machine differs from the analogs what has the increased productivity. During one installation the machine gives an opportunity to round a log, to cut assembly bowls and a longitudinal groove, to prostrogat a flat surface. On the machine it is also possible to make compensatory spent on drink by means of a debarker to exclude the internal tension which is formed during drying of a log. Otsilindrovochny machines of this modification at full processing of a log have the average productivity making 5-7 cubic meters in change. At the same time full processing is meant as such operations as installation, roundup, cutting of two cups, cutting of an assembly groove, compensatory spent on drink also removal. Chashkorezny machines are in addition used to improvement of indicators of efficiency of the machine, cutting down of bowls and semi-bowls under various corners. Technical characteristics the Maximum diameter of preparation, mm 400 Length of the processed preparation, m 2-6,5 Diameter of the rounded logs, mm 140-300 Maximum thickness of the layer which is cut off for one pass, mm 50 Deviation of a longitudinal profile of the rounded log, mm, no more than 2,0 Frequency of rotation of preparation, rpm 45 Power of the electric motor of a draft mill, kW 11 Power of the electric motor of a fair mill, kW 5,5 Power of the electric motor of rotation of preparation, kW 1,1 Power of the electric motor of forward movement of a mill, kW 0,75 Power of the drive of giving of the carriage, kW 0,75 Lump of the machine, kg, no more than 1500 Dimensions, m 9х1,8х1,5 Shipping dimensions (in unassembled form), m 2,25x1,3x1,0 1,12x1,8x1,3 Quantity serving, persons 2
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