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Manufacture ASTehnologiya, OOO

Equipment of our production

Each manufacturing enterprise, not excepting sawing and woodworking, at implementation of the main productions needs not only the capital equipment, the processing raw materials and materials. Transport technological machines moving materials from a starting point to the first row of machines from the machine to the machine and from the machine to a warehouse, the complex of cars which is carrying out intermediate technological operations, deleting waste of woodworking production, etc. are necessary.

  • Automatic feeders
  • Pristanochny mechanization
  • Packing equipment
  • Systems of aspiration

Development and design of a technological complex

Our company carries out development and design of technological machines and units which carry out both the main productions, and auxiliary operations. For this purpose our company possesses a staff of highly skilled engineers and own production base. A main objective at design and in the course of production for us is providing high degree of reliability of the made equipment that during all term of operation there were no such negative moments as failures in work, idle times, unplanned repairs and so forth. In the work we are based on long-term experience of our designers, professionalism of engineers and skill of workers. Thanks to it, today we can responsibly declare - our equipment one of the most reliable in the market.

Producers of the woodworking equipment

Releasing machines according to the main orientation of our company, we also have an opportunity to develop and make the equipment by individual orders both for a mining industry, and for various branches of manufacturing industry.

Having addressed to our company, the customer will receive a full complex of services in development, design, production, commissioning and turnkey delivery of the ready equipment in full accordance with technological problems of the production, and also a guarantee that over time the equipment will not involve big costs but only routine maintenance.

Catalog of the woodworking equipment

The range of the equipment of our production which we are ready to offer buyers is very wide. The following positions enter it:

  • Equipment for production of construction materials;
  • Convective drying chambers;
  • Different types of pristanochny mechanization;
  • The autonomous power complexes working at woodworking waste;
  • The boilers with gas generators which are also calculated on use of wood waste as fuel;
  • Equipment for a wood file;
  • The equipment for production of the rounded logs;
  • Furnaces for a charcoal burning out.

We took away under the equipment of our production the big section in the general catalog where you can without excess efforts find everything that can interest you, and supplied each position with the detailed technical specification.

Leave orders on our website. With questions of work of the equipment and its purchase address ours managers and to consultants.



manufacture ASTehnologiya, OOO Russia, ALL.BIZ: Russia